Shinto haiku (Hailstones group)

In 2007 the Kyoto-based Hailstone Haiku Circle to which I belong published a volume of Shinto poems entitled Seasons of the Gods, co-edited by the group’s leader Stephen Gill with three others.  Here is a selection.

new year…
stars on the branches
of mountain trees

– Duro Jaiye


Bowing twice,
How white the breath:
Clapping sounds at dawn

– Misawo Nagao



Rock or tree?
Hard and twisted…
A dragon god appears!

– Arietty







azurite eve –
in the hoot of a hawk owl
the forest speaks

– Keiko Yurugi


to the universe
from a sealed cocoon –
one brilliant thread!

– Michiko Suzuki


In the stone fox’s mouth
still folded
a message from the god

– Mizuho Shibuya


Two claps at the shrine
And the year’s first dragonfly
Takes flight

– JD


Larches bent
by long snowstorm years –
in a garden of the gods

– Akito Mori


the small stone summit shrine –
as the rocks nearby, covered
by the same lichen

– Hisashi Miyazaki


Having climbed Fuji,
My shadow stretches into
The form of a giant man

– Nobuyuki Yuasa


Moon.  Shrine.
The raked white sand
glows in the dark

– Ellis Avery





floods of people
through the shrine gate
courtly music
this sultry eve

– Mari Kawaguchi



No autumn sunrise –
Both crow and red torii
Drip with mist

– Tito


sweeping the shrine paths
does he see the mantis
atop his rake?

– Richard Steiner


Some of the Hailstones group on a recent outing


The Hailstone Haiku Circle has a webpage called Icebox.  See
Seasons of the Gods was co-edited by Stephen Gill, Duro Jaiye, Hisashi Miyazaki and Jane Wieman.
Orders can be made here:    

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