Spot the oddity

Notice anything odd about this photograph?   It’s not the girls posing for a photo, nor the gaijin with a guitar on his back.  It’s the pair of shishsi (Chiinese lion) guardians, which unusually (exceptionally?) have both their mouths open.  The … Continue reading

Sources of Japanese Tradition (Vol. 1)

Sources of Japanese Tradition Vol. 1.  ed. Wm. Theodore de Bary, Donald Keene, George Tanabe and Paul Varley   Columbia University Press, first published 1958; revised in 2002   524 pages _________________________________________________________________________________________________ This anthology of significant writings in the cultural … Continue reading

Poetry Day (Sept 24)

World Poetry Movement Day Sept 24th 24/9 will be a worldwide day of poetry reading, honoring & celebrating life love peace justice; our human condition, our presence for needed change; our songs, our poems, our tears, our cries, our laughter. Come join … Continue reading

Tsubaki America (Part Two)

After a tour of the shrine grounds (see Part One), Barrish sensei and I moved towards the entrance of the shrine buildings before which stands the temizuya (water basin).  It’s not often at a Shinto shrine you get to see … Continue reading

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