Manyoshu (Part Two)

A previous posting noted how the eighth-century poetry compilation, Manyoshu is permeated with a proto-Shinto sentiment.  I’ve now come across another article on the subject by Furukawa Teishi.  It’s entitled ‘The Tradition of Sei-mei-shin’ and was included in the Proceedings of … Continue reading


The sakaki branch is common in Shintō ceremonies.  It’s used on altars, and it’s used as an offering to the kami. It’s used too as a vehicle into which the kami descends, and as a wand for purification. Performers hold sprigs in … Continue reading

Kuzuryu Shrine (Dragon kami)

  One of the most attractive areas in Japan is around Hakone and Lake Ashi. It’s a popular resort in summer, but pleasant out of season when the crowds have gone.  Like many lakes in the region, it has shrines … Continue reading

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