Stairway to Heaven

An article in the Huffington Post yesterday discussed the latest state of neurological research and spirituality. The end of the article was ‘enlightening’: I always thought Led Zeppelin were onto something!! (For the original article, click here.) ***********************************************************   Scientists … Continue reading

Ta no kami

In an article today in the Daily Yomiuri, Kevin Short writes of rice paddies and the ta no kami (kami of the rice fields).  Surprisingly it was sparked by a chance encounter in a park in Ikebukuro in downtown Tokyo … Continue reading

Origins 2): Yayoi connections

Around 500-300 BC a wave of continental incomers arrived into Japan who were genetically and culturally different from the Jomon natives.  They may have entered from Korea, or from China via Korea, or even directly from China.  Most likely a … Continue reading

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