Kami (2): Types

Part Two of our mini-series on the kami is also extracted from the Shinto Shrines book recently out from the University of Hawaii Press.  Illustrations are my own, and not those of the publication, as is the paragraphing. ******************************************************************* Types … Continue reading

Kami (1): Concept

Kami are central to Shinto.  Indeed, the very name Shinto means ‘way of the kami’.  So an obvious question is what exactly is or are kami? In Shinto Shrines (University of Hawaii Press), Joseph Cali provides an admirably clear overview … Continue reading

Solar power

Who do you think might have written the following? ‘”The Sun is god!” cried J.M.W. Turner as he died, and plenty of other people have thought there was much in his analysis. The Aztecs agreed, and so did the pharaohs … Continue reading

Iwami Silver Mine (3)

  The third component of the World Heritage site at Iwami consists of two trading routes that led from the silver mines to small harbours on the Japan Sea coast.  The track to Okidomari is 7 kilometers long; the track … Continue reading

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