Death and No-thing-ness

Death is often cited as a prime reason why people turn to religion.  The consolation of an afterlife is attractive to many, and fear of rotting or burning in hell haunts others. Shinto is pretty relaxed about the afterlife because … Continue reading

Izumo 60 year cycle

A reader has written in with photos and to say that the finishing touches are being done for Izumo’s 60 year cycle of rebuiliding (shikinen sengu).  A previous posting detailed the very impressive month-long programme of events (see here).  Below … Continue reading

Earth Day

Earth Day is an annual day on April 22 to heighten awareness of the need for environmental protection.  The April 22 date was adopted by the United Nations in 2009 and is celebrated in more than 192 countries.  The concept … Continue reading

Oki Islands

Islands are one of Japan’s greatest assets.  These little microcosms dotted around the mainlands offer idlyllic escape from the rat race and transport the visitor to an earlier age of timeless traditions.  The Shinto practised here is unencumbered by the … Continue reading

World Heritage anime (Tamaki)

One World Heritage listed shrine I haven’t been able to visit yet is the remote Tamaki Shrine in Totsukawa, Nara prefecture.  It lies on the Omine Okugakemichi, one of the pilgrimage routes registered in the Kii Mountain site, and is … Continue reading

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