Fuji celebration

The most sacred mountain in Japan has now achieved World Heritage status.  Apparently the delegates in Cambodia have given it official approval as Japan’s 17th World Heritage site.  It’s undoubtedly the most famous of them all. Green Shinto friend, Ted … Continue reading

Ways of seeing

  Alan Watts this week has been talking about the limitations of the brain in processing reality (a lecture entitled ‘Seeing through the net’).  The brain works in ways that are reductionist, ‘digital’ and linear.  Reality comes in waves, vibrations … Continue reading

Sacred water

  BBC’s The Why Factor is currently featuring a most interesting programme on sacred water. It’s 18 minutes long and you can listen on its wonderful website here by clicking on the Free Download. **************************************** “Why can the seemingly everyday … Continue reading

Imperial origins (Korea)

“Welcome to Gajo, the Home of the Japanese Royal Family” Thanks to Green Shinto friend, San-shin expert David Mason, for pointing out an intriguing item from a Korean poster about the small town of Gajo in the south-east of Korea, … Continue reading

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