Community activist

Great news for all Green Shinto followers in the Japan Times today….   an example of a community activist with true environmental concerns. ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************* Shinto priest blazes trail as a community activist BY TAKESHI NISHIDE KYODO OCT 23, 2013 HIGASHIHIROSHIMA, HIROSHIMA … Continue reading

Gunther Nitschke on Ise

Kyoto is now becoming quite a centre of English-language Shinto studies, and today I happened to run into Gunther Nitchske at my local Starbucks.  Gunther specialises in architectural and urban studies, and he is the author of the fascinating From … Continue reading

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Awata Jinja festival

  Another gorgeous day of autumn sunshine in Kyoto, and another glorious weekend festival at the intriguing Awata Shrine on the eastern side of Kyoto.  The shrine used to be part of a Shinto-Buddhist complex based around its  neighbour Shoren-in, … Continue reading

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