Yasukuni – think tank

Yasukuni Shrine – prime minister Abe has been advised to refrain from political point-scoring.          (photo Japan Today)   Abe should avoid Yasukuni shrine, says int’l think tank Japan Today JUL. 25, 2014 Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe should stay away … Continue reading

Gion Revival Overview

  The Gion Matsuri is a complex month-long festival in Kyoto, with events spread out over the 30 days which are all directly related to this millennium-old event.  In the grand parades there are 33 floats involved altogether, each with … Continue reading

Maritime festival

  Yesterday (July 21) was Marine Day (Day of the Sea) in Japan and a public holiday. By way of celebration, Japan Today carried a piece about a portable shrine being ferried across Matsushima Bay, north of Tokyo.  It was … Continue reading

Horse archery

  Yabusame Archers of the Lonely Chugoku Mountains BY STEVE JOHN POWELL   JUL 19, 2014   Japan Times What are those peculiar scarecrow figures, lolling about the villages of the Chugoku Mountains?  Is that a man fishing from a bridge? A … Continue reading

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