Animist poem

The immensely moving poem below was written in 1932 and circulated anonymously.  Only after it became popular in Britain following a reading of the poem for a fallen soldier in Northern Ireland was it discovered to have been written by … Continue reading


  The Tokyo tournament is now under way (there are six tournaments a year), and as usual the wrestling is featured on Japan’s main television programme, NHK.  Despite the relative weakness of Japanese wrestlers in recent years, sumo remains the … Continue reading

Sun poem

I’m grateful to John Hanagan for bringing my attention to this beautiful poem by the American poet, Mary Oliver (b.1935).  It’s a reminder of the beauty of existence, and of where our priorities should lie in life. ***********************************************   Have … Continue reading

Izumo enmusubi

In the Japan Times today Stephen Mansfield writes of Matsue and its connections with Lafcadio Hearn (a writer featured previously on Green Shinto here and here). Matsue is in the charming prefecture of Shimane, one of Japan’s best-kept secrets.  Anyone … Continue reading

Animal Cruelty (Ageuma)

Since Shinto is promoted as a nature religion, one might presume that green issues would be uppermost in its social thinking.  However, this is often far from the case, as traditional interests and political support for right-wing nationalism take priority.  … Continue reading

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