Paris rites

Any readers in Paris might like to head for Pere Lachaise today as there will be a Shinto ritual carried out at the grave of Nonaka Motoemon (1812-67), a samurai merchant from Saga who headed for the Paris Exposition in … Continue reading

Yamaguchi scenic shrine

Above and below the Yamaguchi plains by Mandy Bartok The Japan Times Jun 13, 2015 Three meters above my head, the rectangular offering box of Motonosumi Inari Shrine seems impossibly out of my reach. For the 23rd time, I wind … Continue reading

Meiji Shrine wine

An article in the Japan News focusses on the display of wine at the Meiji Shrine entrance. Historically Shinto has been characterised by the integration of foreign ways (and kami even) into its practice, and here is a relatively recent … Continue reading

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