Syncretism 2) Umehara

The question of what exactly constitutes the Japanese tradition remains pertinent to the current debate over what direction Shinto should take.  Some arguments are informed by State Shinto, some by the syncretism of Edo times, some by a mythical time … Continue reading

Cat shrine

It’s not usual to enshrine animals in Japan, and I’m uncertain whether the enshrinement mentioned below was carried out by a Shinto priest or not, but it’s certainly captured the imagination of the nation. Interestingly, the name of the cat … Continue reading

Syncretism 1): Saigyo

Saigyo (1118-90) is one of my favourite Japanese poets.  Brought up in the warrior class, he had a promising career in front of him but dropped out at 22 to become a Buddhist monk and wandering poet. Basho was a … Continue reading

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