Mourning moon

What Is a Mourning Moon? Why You Should Care About Tonight’s Full Moon By Liz Rowley | Mic  Nov.26, 2015 It’s an important moment in the Pagan religion. On the eve of Thanksgiving, Pagans will celebrate a traditional and lesser-known … Continue reading

Yasukuni explosion

Explosion hits Yasukuni Shrine restroom during harvest ceremony November 23, 2015  THE ASAHI SHIMBUN An explosion damaged a public restroom at war-related Yasukuni Shrine in central Tokyo during its annual Niiname-sai harvest thanksgiving ceremony on Nov. 23. Although a large … Continue reading

Shinto death 6: The Wake

This is part of an ongoing series about the Shinto manner of handling funerals and death.  Though Buddhist funerals remain the norm, special Shinto funerals do take place and their ritual procedure is a little different.  In this adapted piece … Continue reading

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