Kogakkan and Ise study tour

Last November, thanks to Christopher Mayo, Green Shinto carried news of a study programme taking place at Kogakkan University this year in Feb-March.  Now I’m delighted to say that one of our readers has posted news that not only is she attending but she’s writing a blog about the experience.  It’s very informative, and gives a real sense of the day-to-day activities. Because of the promptness of reporting, there’s a feeling of immediacy about the accounts, and this together with some of the insider information makes it great reading for those interested in Shinto and Ise Jingu in particular.

Please take a look at the blog site at https://philoinise.wordpress.com/.  The poster Philo Ouweleen also suggests looking at some of the sites being maintained by her fellow students by googling for their blogs under ‘kogakkan study program 2017’.

Meanwhile, our thanks to Philo Ouweleen for the chance to experience the study programme with her! It’s a prime example of the way in which Shinto in recent years is seeking to ‘internationalise’ by making itself better known to the outside world.

The 2014 multifaith Arc Conference held at Ise Jingu to raise consider Shinto’s connections with nature

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