Graffiti mystery

Izanagi Jingu on Awajima claims to be located close to where the primal kami first descended on Japan. It’s even said Izanagi is buried beneath the Honden (presumably as a heavenly kami he defies the taboo on death).

Graffiti found on 11 shrines in Awaji prompt police investigation

Kyodo, Staff Report.  

Graffiti were found at 11 shrines from Tuesday to Wednesday in the city of Awaji in Hyogo Prefecture and local police suspect the property damage was done by the same party.

The Awaji police department said graffiti were first seen at Izanagi Jingu Shrine on Tuesday afternoon. The Asahi Shimbun reported that a shinto priest noticed two kanji scribbles written in red ink on a wall of a shrine structure.

On Wednesday, graffiti were also found at 10 other shrines in the Island city, according the police.

Izanagi Jingu Shrine is believed to enshrine Izanagi and Izanami, a divine couple that appear in Japanese mythology.

In the city of Sumoto, which is also located on Awajishima Island, graffiti were also found in a local shrine in April and the police are looking into whether the vandalism was connected with that found in the city of Awaji.


To read more about the mysterious Izanagi Jingu, check out this two-part Green Shinto posting here and here.

As the Adam and Eve of Japan, Izanagi and Izanami begat all the other kami in existence – which is why this subshrine is dedicated to the whole host of yaoyorozu kami (eight myriad kami)

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