Atago July 31 pilgrimage

The excellent Core Kyoto series produced by NHK World (which broadcasts in English for overseas)  has produced a fine item about Kyoto’s Mt Atago and the pilgrimage for the fire deity which takes place on July 31.

The video is available on the NHK site till July 27. After that it may appear on Youtube, along with many of the other Core Kyoto videos. Click here to check them out as it’s really an excellent series for anyone at all interested in Japanese traditions.

Core Kyoto

Atago Sennichi Mairi: Pilgrimage to the Guardian against Fire

Broadcast on July 13, 2017

Paper talismans protecting against fire are common sights in Kyoto homes. People receive them at Atago Jinja, situated on top of a rugged mountain. The shrine holds Sennichi-mairi, or the 1,000-day pilgrimage, on the evening of July 31. Worshippers believe that if they make the grueling trek they have 1,000 days’ worth of protection against fire-related disasters. Discover the deep faith in Atago as more than 10,000 Kyotoites undertake the pilgrimage with gratitude for the gifts fire bestows.

Available until July 27, 2017 by clicking here.

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