Cat shrine

“Cat shrine” status causing problems for Japan’s millennium-old Izumoiwai Shrine Casey Baseel Nov 15, 2016 Rocket News [Cats often feature in Japan’s news and tourist sights. There are cat islands, cat cafes, and cute cat contests. Now from Rocket News comes news … Continue reading

Sacred mountain destruction

Guitarist Shin Sasakubo photographs Mount Buko in Chichibu, Saitama Prefecture. The mountain, a sacred symbol, is being mined for limestone. | COURTESY SASAKUBO Jobs battle environment on sacred but scarred Mount Buko BY ALEX MARTIN. NOV 21, 2017 Japan Times CHICHIBU, … Continue reading

Kagoshima: animist and ancestral shrines

Biggest Camphor Tree carries Samurai Spirit The Yomiuri Shimbun. November 04, 2017 By Kazuhiro Katayama AIRA, Kagoshima — Do you know how large Japan’s biggest tree is, and where it stands? The largest circumference for a Japanese tree is 24.22 meters, according … Continue reading

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