Straw decorations

Capturing beauty of straw decorations The Yomiuri Shimbun  December 11, 2017 Shimekazari are rice straw decorations generally put up in or outside Japanese homes to welcome the Toshigami god that bestows good fortune on New Year’s Day. Although shimekazari remain … Continue reading

Sacred mountain destruction

Guitarist Shin Sasakubo photographs Mount Buko in Chichibu, Saitama Prefecture. The mountain, a sacred symbol, is being mined for limestone. | COURTESY SASAKUBO Jobs battle environment on sacred but scarred Mount Buko BY ALEX MARTIN. NOV 21, 2017 Japan Times CHICHIBU, … Continue reading

Hearn 19): Zuijin guardians

On his shrine outings around the Izumo province near Matsue, Hearn took note of the local folklore, often describing in great detail the history and customs of the area. It’s what made him, in some people’s opinion, one of the … Continue reading

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