Dosojin (border kami)

Green Shinto friend, Mark Schumacher, has produced an informative overview of Dosojin for his onmark website about Japanese Religions.  Dosojin are protective markers that used to be placed at village boundaries, often with fertility symbols to encourage the growth of … Continue reading

Higgs Boson and Phalli

Two intriguing links that appeared in my Inbox today, one in prose and the other in photos… The first is a short article summarising the religious import of the Higgs Boson particle: The other is from the wonderful blog … Continue reading

Otafuku and Uzume

  Otafuku is a curious crossbreed character, familiar to anyone who lives in Japan.  She’s a dumpy, homely, cheery faced figure who’s also a bringer of happiness.  At some shrines she’s given out as an engimono (good luck charm).  But … Continue reading

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