Winter treasures

With snow in Kyoto today, thoughts turn to the beneficial role of winter in the annual round. Rainer Maria Rilke was a prolific letter writer, whose insights into life have been much treasured, and the extract below comes from a 1922 … Continue reading

Cat shrine

“Cat shrine” status causing problems for Japan’s millennium-old Izumoiwai Shrine Casey Baseel Nov 15, 2016 Rocket News [Cats often feature in Japan’s news and tourist sights. There are cat islands, cat cafes, and cute cat contests. Now from Rocket News comes news … Continue reading

Hearn 20): The Value of Shinto

On this day (November 13) in 1894, Lafcadio Hearn published an editorial for the Kobe Shimbun. He’d taken a job there as a journalist following his unhappy spell teaching in Kumamoto. The editorial provides an interesting insight into his view of … Continue reading

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