L.A. Oshogatsu (New Year)

Shinto opportunity in the City of Angels coming up! Little Tokyo in Los Angeles celebrates New Year’s Day with an Oshogatasu Festival. Live entertainment, stalls, Japanese food, mochi-making, taiko, kendo – and a Shinto priestess with sacred items on offer. … Continue reading

Florian Wiltschko, Priest: Part 1

Green Shinto is delighted to carry an interview with Florian Wiltschko, a foreigner who has become the first non-Japanese in history to obtain an official priest’s licence through the Jinja Honcho system.  There have already been postings about Florian on … Continue reading

Shinto-Native American eco-links

Shinto, American natives find common ground: nature By J. Tuyet Nguyen, United Nations Correspondent United Nations – Tsunekiyo Tanaka, a mild-mannered envoy who likes a good joke, epitomized Japan’s uniqueness in the devotion to nature. For the first time in … Continue reading

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