L.A. Oshogatsu (New Year)

Shinto opportunity in the City of Angels coming up! Little Tokyo in Los Angeles celebrates New Year’s Day with an Oshogatasu Festival. Live entertainment, stalls, Japanese food, mochi-making, taiko, kendo – and a Shinto priestess with sacred items on offer. … Continue reading

Izumo wedding

News that is sure to deepen the reputation of Izumo Taisha as a place to pray for ‘love connections’ (enmusubi).  Tourism to one of Japan’s most alluring shrines will certainly be furthered too by the fact that the couple are … Continue reading

Ancient ties (imperial wedding)

  In Japanese mythology – ancient history perhaps – Izumo was a leading kingdom which was absorbed into the Yamato state after several emissaries (armies) were dispatched. Izumo agreed to cede worldly power in return for spiritual autonomy, and a … Continue reading

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