Travel tip (Izumo)

Bentenjima and Inasanohama Beach (Gaijin Pot website: A godly reunion. In spiritual Shimane prefecture, there’s a sacred beach where eight million gods are believed to congregate once a year to determine the destiny of lovers. Located less than a kilometer … Continue reading

Oldest shrine

Most people assume Ise Jingu is Japan’s oldest shrine. Mythical and archaeological evidence however says that it is Izumo Taisha. It was once the country’s most prestigious shrine, being supplanted by the propagandists of Yamato who incorporated it into the … Continue reading

Shimane website

It’s kamiari time in Izumo, when all the gods of Japan (except Ebisu) gather for their annual meeting in Shimane.  How appropriate then that Green Shinto should carry a piece about Shimane. 2012 marked 1300 years since the publication of … Continue reading

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