Kami (Olivia Bernkastel)

Kami explanation by Olivia Bernkastel (Konkokyo Shinto priestess) To worship kami, there is always a “goshintai”; or a sacred vessel for the kami’s spirit/energy which is considered as a “body” for the kami to alight to as a vessel permanently. … Continue reading

Tokyo talk Dec 15

Readers living in Tokyo may well be interested in this talk by a leading figure in the world of Shinto Studies…. “Of Matter, Spirits, and Places: Japanese Discourses on The Bodies of the Shinto Divinities (Kami)” by Fabio Rambelli, Sophia … Continue reading


My attention was caught recently by an article in the conservative leaning Daily Yomiuri by a Japanese professor at Waseda University.  It asked the question about when the Japanese became Japanese.  The answer he gave, interestingly, is constructed by myth. … Continue reading


Jizo is the most widespread deity in Japan, to be seen across the country at crossroads, waysides, cemeteries and elsewhere.  A guardian of the dead, he is portrayed in monk’s attire and seen as a guardian of the otherworld who … Continue reading

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