Cold water (Misogi)

  The Shinto tradition of misogi (cold water immersion) is one shared with many cultures around the world.  Nowhere is this more evident than in India, where Hindus believe the river Ganges is sacred and that bathing in the river … Continue reading

Wake up!

  Last summer I attended an inspiring talk by Graham Hancock (author of Fingerprints of the Gods). Looking through his webpage, I came upon a wonderful interview with Tim Freke, author of The Jesus Mysteries, who speaks of awakening consciousness. … Continue reading

Misogi and baptism

Water immersion It’s well-known how much religions have in common and how often they replicate each other, but a visit to Ravenna brought home to me how central the notion of purification by water has been in differing cultures. Brought … Continue reading

Summer solstice

  For the summer solstice celebration last year I went to the Meoto rocks near Ise where I participated in the morning misogi done in the Pacific. It is timed to coincide with sunrise on the year’s longest day, and … Continue reading

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