Sacred mountain destruction

Guitarist Shin Sasakubo photographs Mount Buko in Chichibu, Saitama Prefecture. The mountain, a sacred symbol, is being mined for limestone. | COURTESY SASAKUBO Jobs battle environment on sacred but scarred Mount Buko BY ALEX MARTIN. NOV 21, 2017 Japan Times CHICHIBU, … Continue reading

Mountain spirit

  Mountains are a vital part of Japan’s identity.  They are also a fundamental part of the country’s spiritual heritage.  Mountain worship is widespread across East Asia, and recognition of their sacred qualities has long been part of Chinese and … Continue reading

Atago ascent

  Kyoto boasts two prominent mountains in its environs.  To the north-east, guarding the devil’s gate (kimon), is Mt Hiei, 848 meters tall.  Its guardian shrine is Hiyoshi Taisha, and as the ‘mother of Japanese Buddhism’ it stands at the … Continue reading

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