It seems wherever you go in Japan, there is a pilgrimage route nearby.  Some of these are major pilgrimages, like that of the Kumano Kodo, while others are local and less well-known.  There are 33 Kannon pilgrimages, Seven Lucky Deity … Continue reading


In the Japan Times this week Green Shinto friend, Amy Chavez, has been writing about the Kumano pilgrimage route. It centres around the three great Shinto shrines known as the Kumano Sanzan. The network of trails is deeply syncretic, embracing … Continue reading

Kumano asceticism

    Mountain asceticism alive today: Kumano journey refreshes body, mind by Masahira Ueno / Yomiuri Shimbun Staff Writer  January 28, 2014 NARA—Deep in the Kii mountain range, the sounds of horagai triton shell horns echo around Sho no Iwaya, … Continue reading

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