Priestess singer

This year’s Ted Talks x Kyoto featured an opening session with Suzue, a Shinto priestess at Ono Hachiman shrine.  Rather unconventionally (she was born in Brazil), she also has a career as a singer-songwriter with Studio Kotodama, in which guise … Continue reading

Women priests

  Women’s entry into Shinto priesthood is on the rise BY TAKESHI NISHIDE KYODO MAR 6, 2014 Women are entering another traditional, male-dominated field in Japan — the Shinto priesthood — at a slow but steadily increasing pace. Nobuyo Otagaki, … Continue reading

Rev. Barrish (Part Two)

  5) I believe the shrine is now financially independent.  Where does the revenue come from? Yes, we are what is called the “dokuritsu saisan” (financially independent branch). We remain very close organizationally and spiritually to Tsubaki Okami Yashiro and … Continue reading

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