Divine horses

Green Shinto readers will be familiar from previous articles with the white horses kept at some shrines in honour of the kami.  They are of course the origin of the votive plaques known as ema (literally, horse picture).  Because of … Continue reading

Mirrors for sun worship

Mirrors may have worked magic in ancient Japanese rituals http://ajw.asahi.com/article/behind_news/social_affairs/AJ201401300067 By TSUYOSHI SATO January 30, 2014 KYOTO–Rulers of ancient Japan may have used a “magic mirror” to conjure up images of mountain wizards and divine beasts for sun-worshipping rituals.  The … Continue reading

The mystery of Oiwa (pt 3)

At the Fushimi-ku Fukakasa Ward Office, I enquired whether they knew anything about Oiwa Jinja.  The offices are not very far away from Oiwa Hill, some fifteen minutes by car, so I presumed they’d know about such a striking abandoned … Continue reading

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