Yasukuni explosion

Explosion hits Yasukuni Shrine restroom during harvest ceremony November 23, 2015  THE ASAHI SHIMBUN An explosion damaged a public restroom at war-related Yasukuni Shrine in central Tokyo during its annual Niiname-sai harvest thanksgiving ceremony on Nov. 23. Although a large … Continue reading

Yasukuni war criminals

Apologists for prime ministerial visits to Yasukuni like to pretend it’s a purely religious matter or a purely Japanese matter. I guess German rightists used similar arguments about Catholicism’s compliance with the Nazis. One of the most vocal groups in … Continue reading

Yasukuni visitors

A telltale illustration of how Yasukuni has become a political symbol for the far right comes today from Britain’s Daily Mail.  It shows the kind of bedfellows attracted by the provocations of prime minister Abe – definitely not the kind … Continue reading

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