Zen and Shinto 18: Values

Sincerity, loyalty, self-sacrifice.  Zen or Shinto values? Mindfulness is a key concept in both Zen and Shinto.  Purification and egolessness too. Harae (purification) and kegare (impurity) in Shinto resemble Delusion and Attachment in Buddhism.  The goal in both religions is … Continue reading

Zen and Shinto 14: this world

It’s often said that while Shinto is concerned with affairs of this world, Buddhism looks to salvation in the next.  Hence the emphasis in Shinto on rites of passage, such as birth, 7-5-3, weddings, yakudoshi ages of transition, etc.  Buddhism … Continue reading

Zen and Shinto 13 Fusion

Look at the picture above.  Is it a Zen garden with raked sand and rocks arranged in an enigmatic pattern to represent islands in an ocean of nothingness?  Or is it a Shinto circle of ‘iwakura’ (sacred rocks), such as … Continue reading

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